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Height: 5’5

Weight: 120


In-World War, Supporting Brant Smith, San Francisco
The Anniversary, Supporting John Campea, L.A
Struggle, Lead Johanna Thalmann/Severin Winzenburg, L.A
Fearless Flyers, Lead John Henry Richardson, L.A
The Man On The Porch, Lead Fausto Estrada Guerrero, NYC
Karma, Lead Lea Brandenburg, NYC
Persuasion Of A Sunflower, Lead NYFA Productions, NYC
Tipsy, Lead NYFA Productions, NYC
A Fond Farewell, Lead NYFA Productions, NYC


Twinny- Something’s Pilot, Lead Comedy Time Productions, L.A
Here’s The Thing web episode Pilot Series, regular Michaela Hughes, L.A
L’Oreal “Get The Look”, Guest star Weller Grossman Productions, L.A


Dark Side Of The Moon, Girl Chris Berube, Next Stage Theatre, L.A
The Woolgatherer, Rose Marck Bacci, The Lillian Theatre , L.A
The Parlor, Erica Valorie Hubbard, Victory Theatre, L.A
Summer And Smoke, Alma David Robinette, Union Square, NYC
A Dreamer Examines His Pillow, Donna David Robinette,Union Square, NYC
Loose Ends, Susan David Robinette, Union Square, NYC


2 Year Conservatory Acting For Film (New York and Los Angeles)
Acting For Film Norman Schwarts/Lea Brandenburg/John Henry Richardson
Acting For TV/Sitcoms Michael Laibson/Michaela Hughes
Voice And Speech Linda Slade/Mary Workman
Movement Linda Slade/Damon Di Marco
Meisner James Price/Nick Landry
Scene Study Valorie Hubbard/David Robinette/Mark Bacci
Method And Acting Technique Mark Bacci
Improvisation Suzanne Kent/Sam Turich/Jen Nails
Stage Combat Jack Hueng/Dan Renkin
Shakespeare David Vando
Voice Over Suzanne Kent

Special Skills: Fluent In: Standard American and Norwegian, Conversational German and Italian.

Dialects: Norwegian, German.

Dancing: Jazz Ballet, Freestyle, Hip-hop

Sports: Trained Equestrian Rider (showjumping/dressage), Soccer, Basketball, and Swimming

Hobbies: Guitar, Photography, Animal welfare, snowboarding, Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates, hiking.


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