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She was born in Oslo, Norway, but Marita has grown up all over the world, including: Latvia, Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Marita has always been a performer at heart. Starting with ballet lessons at age five, followed by weekly performances in the basement entertaining family and friends and performing with a girl group in local talent shows in her hometown. Later on, while living in Latvia, Marita became involved with school plays and musicals. It was then, that her Performing Arts Teacher, Miss Freeman, cast her as a lead; boosting her confidence to follow her dreams. After graduating from High School in Italy, University plans were dropped and a one-way ticket to New York City was booked. Upon arriving, Marita enrolled at the New York Film Academy. She had found a home away from home and realized that, being an actress was her true calling.

Having now worked on multiple student films, she was offered to begin a modeling career (appeared twice in Seventeen magazine). In August of 2008, Marita relocated to Los Angeles, CA and completed the two-year N.Y.F.A. acting program. Since this time, she has been actively pursuing an acting/modeling career.

Most recent projects:

The Anniversary (

In World War (

Aesthetiquette (

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